sookie-stackhouse-6Two of my favourite shows on telly at the moment (well, more or less at the moment) are Damages and True Blood.

One of the things that makes them stand out is their soundtracks and interestingly, both shows use as theme songs tunes penned and performed by a guy called Jace Everett.  Nice coincidence.

I really knew nothing about the guy until I heard ‘Bad Things’, the True Blood theme, but he does some great stuff.  I mean, that opening line from ‘Bad Things’ that I’ve used as the title to this post is good enough to keep most writers happy for quite a long time.  The fact that it fits the show so perfectly–and I mean, fang-meet-neck perfectly–is just an added bonus.

Below the fold I’ve popped up clips of the opening credits of both shows as well as a live performance of Everett doing ‘Bad Things’ all the way through.

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