I gave former Idol contestant Lisa Mitchell’s debut album a bit of good wrap when it came out, so it’s nice to see her getting some acknowledgement from her peers in winning the $30,ooo Australian Music Prize (AMP).  I still reckon the way Idol treated her was disgraceful but I guess she’s getting the last laugh: I mean, she’s still here; they’re all gone.

One of the songs I really liked on the album was ‘Oh,Hark!’, though I said (and still say) that I preferred the unplugged version that came with the bonus disc rather than the heavily produced album version.

She has just released said song as her latest single and I have to say, that in those terms, the heavily produced version works a treat.  I mean, tell me this isn’t a great little pop song with a killer clip.  In fact, the clip fits the song so well, or vice versa, that you are reminded just what a visual medium pop music is and has always been.

Anyway, check it out and watch young Lise get her Joe Cocker come Kate Bush on as she leads a Twilight cast of emo vamps through the new single.  No wonder she’s doing so well.

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