Lou Risdale, who handles a number of artists whose work Johnny’s has reviewed, asked if we could mention the upcoming PBS Radio Festival and I said sure.  This is a guest post on the subject.

PS: Note the live-streaming link at the bottom


PBS Radio Festival
by Lou Risdale

PBSlogoFor over thirty years Melbourne’s community radio station PBS 106.7FM has been a key player in the development of this city’s rich musical and cultural heritage. In this election year, PBS is calling on music lovers to Vote 1 For Music by becoming a PBS member during the station’s annual Radio Festival from 17th – 30th May. The beauty of radio as an aural medium means you’ll be spared images of scary hair (a la Rudd) or budgie smugglers (a la Abbott).

PBS 106.7FM is urging listeners to vote with their ears and wallets by becoming members to help the station continue to present and support great music in Melbourne.  Membership costs a mere $75 ($35 concession) for one year. It’s time to show your support for PBS by becoming a member!

And just like the real political campaigns, there’ll be plenty of sweeteners out there for any swinging supporters who need an enticement or two to get over the line. Members who sign up during the Radio Festival will enter an impressive prize draw with well over $50,000 worth of amazing prizes up for grabs! Penfold Holden is offering a fantastic Barina for a PBS Member to win and for the music lover, the second main prize is a fabulous hi-fi system from Audiophile. There’s also tickets to the Blues Train, music-festival tickets, DVDs, CDs, a tattoo voucher, a tailor-made pet bed and so much more. In addition, each member will receive an Easey St Sessions CD, a compilation of bands who played live at PBS studios in 2009, including Wagons, Black Cab and The Dacios.

PBS 106.7FM entered the airwaves in December 1979 and from its humble beginnings, has continued to reinforce community radio’s vital role in the Australian music scene. The multitudes of both local and international acts that have graced the PBS airwaves over the years are many and varied, and in times of pre-internet and other means of opening up musical doors, this was as crucial then as it is today to people’s musical education and listening pleasure.

Melbourne has always prided itself on the influential presence of community radio, and refreshingly community radio is stronger than ever in today’s mix of mass media communication. PBS helps keep a community together and in touch- with an average of 200,000 weekly listeners, the station does a great deal more than just play music. It actively supports the local music scene while bringing you the best of what the world has to offer. After three decades, PBS is more important than ever to music and the music community in Melbourne.

So vote with your ears, vote often, and support PBS. The PBS 106.7 FM Radio Festival, it’s time to Vote 1 For Music.

For more information tune into 106.7 FM or go to :


Live streaming at : http://pbsfm.org.au/public/playerVer/player.asp

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