CD Review
Something For Everybody
(thru Warners Music)

DevoWhat is the point of Devo at this stage of world history? Once they were a nice, idiosyncratic band who made funny, catchy poppy rock songs that went down a treat and they used the-then relatively novel medium of film clips to add another dimension to their rather dimensionless music and it was all fine.   But now?

I was going to say that nothing about this album impressed me, but that’s not quite true.  I was impressed that they managed to square this particular circle: they have created an album full of songs that are very catchy but totally forgettable.   Stop the album at any point and I dare to remember a single riff, a single line, a single thing about it.

I know all pop music, like the media, lives in the eternal present, but this is ridiculous, a bunch songs whose half life is the duration of their own playing time.

Here’s another thing that impresses me. On track 2, ‘What We Do’, they have a lyric that says:

What we do
Is what we do
It’s all the same
There’s nothing new

It takes guts to hand the critics of the world a ready-made review like that.

Anyway, what was I saying? What was I listening to?

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