There are few things I like more than discovering a new artist.

I hadn’t heard of Joni Davis until @genrobey mentioned her, but I’m glad to have found her.  I’m in the process of tracking down a review copy of the album, so for now all I have go on is her MySpace page and a (very) few YouTube clips.

In an age where information overload is normally the order of the day, there isn’t that much info around about Davis.

Anyway, here’s one halfway decent clip in which at least you get an idea of her voice.

But the song I really liked — the one that made my day — is Black Smoke,  which you can listen to over on her MySpace page.

It’s the sort of thing I could imagine Nick Cave singing and is another track to add to my long list of dark, go-nowhere songs.  I’m a complete sucker for them.

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