Folk singer Jake Holmes, after many years of waiting, is suing Led Zeppelin for allegedly ripping off his song, ‘Dazed and Confused’.

Here is Jake’s version:

And this is a song of the same title that appears on Led Zeppelin’s first album:

They don’t sound anything alike! Well, except for the tune and the lyrics.

This is hardly the first time Zep have been sued for such ‘borrowings’, but I think this comment is a bit of an exaggeration:

Led Zeppelin, most famous for ripping off songwriters and not giving credit, have been caught yet again with another copyright breach.

Most famous? Let’s not get carried away.

Anyway, I’ve never really understood why Zep don’t properly credit their sources. There’s really nothing wrong with doing what they do with other people’s songs — and in fact, you would have to say that they add enormous value in the way they interpret/reinvent them. But they should acknowledge the originals.

So I guess we have to wish Jake Holmes well in his legal action.

BTW: Holmes’ song is great, dontchareckon?

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