Marie Fisker interview

Marie Fisker interview

Tim DunlopSep 16, 2010 1

Last y



Tim DunlopJul 20, 2010 1

This is just by way of information to any bands/musos out there.  The following press release came across my desk this afternoon and it looked like it was worth passing on. If you h

Rebirth of Cordrazine

Rebirth of Cordrazine

Tim DunlopJul 9, 2010 4

CD Review Cordrazine Always Coming Down (Rubber Records)

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The distribution system formerly known as the Internet

The distribution system formerly known as the Internet

Tim DunlopJul 7, 2010 1

Toss out your iPods, music lovers, the Internet is dead.  According to Prince:

Back stairway to heaven

Tim DunlopJul 5, 2010 1

Folk singer Jake Holmes, after many years of waiting, is suing Led Zeppelin for allegedly ripping off his song, 'D

A new song can make your day

Tim DunlopJul 2, 2010 4

There are few things I like more than discovering a new artist. I hadn't heard of Joni Davis until @genrobey mentioned her,

Wake up!

Tim DunlopJul 1, 2010 1

If you're having trouble waking up this morning, this might help

Devo: it's short for devolution

Devo: it’s short for devolution

Tim DunlopJun 29, 2010 4

CD Review Devo Something For Everybody (thru Warners Music)

The Republic of Petty

The Republic of Petty

Tim DunlopJun 28, 2010 2

CD Review Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Mojo (thru Warners Music)

Liz Stringer

Liz Stringer

Tim DunlopJun 23, 2010

CD Review Liz Stringer Tides of Time