McCarthy on the road for The Road

McCarthy on the road for The Road

Jonathan GreenNov 19, 2009 3

Unrelated to the soon to be judged bad sex in fiction awards (litworld's finest annual moment outside the Man Booker) is the looming release of the movie version of Cormac McCarthy's Th


Jonathan GreenOct 8, 2009 7

Does Rupert Murdoch get the internet thing? Some thoughts from Roy Green

More thoughts on country pleasures

More thoughts on country pleasures

Jonathan GreenOct 7, 2009 2

The other day I wondered this about the Krauss/Plant version of Through The Morning

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Forty years eh?

Jonathan GreenOct 6, 2009 2

We were all going to post our favorite Python sketches this afternoon and combine them into something quite jolly. Then we forgot.

No mention of gerbils ...

No mention of gerbils …

Jonathan GreenOct 4, 2009

... but quite possibly one of the funniest things ever:

Morning commute 2.10.09

Jonathan GreenOct 2, 2009

On the train for the first time in ages. Don't know why, perhaps fearing some sort of Magda Szabanski open door effect on Bridge Road this morning. Or not. Shuffle threw up Neil Youn

That's not a dust storm

That’s not a dust storm

Jonathan GreenSep 29, 2009 2

And while I think of it, this is not a dust storm,

The ties that bind, and MBA wankers

Jonathan GreenSep 28, 2009 6

This ad has been running hard in Melbourne print media since the footy at the weekend:

Press accuracy rating at a 20-year low

Jonathan GreenSep 15, 2009 1

The Pew Research Centre has been evaluating public attitudes to press accuracy since 1985. Pubic perceptions of press accuracy are now at a 20-year low. You may be able to believe wh

But which is the Wright Goanna?

But which is the Wright Goanna?

Jonathan GreenSep 15, 2009 2

I admit here to a small amount of confusion. Does the new Fairfax opinion aggregator The National Times wish the identity of its star national affairs columnist, The Goanna, to