This has been a tricky week. The twin towers of the blogging right have come at us, blazing and indignant, and we’re still a little way from resolving all the conflict those exchanges might imply. But no matter, we push on. A little older, but considerably wiser for recent events and flurries of angry correspondence.

The importance of rigorous moderation has been made obvious, not because we want to spoil any body’s fun, but rather because we want Crikey blogs to hold some sort of high moral and intellectual ground when it comes to the ofttimes murky nether land of the comments string.

We are not an open channel. We want a curated discussion, one that advances the topic at hand. I think, through admittedly accidental and unfortunately clumsy means, that that is where we’re heading. Look at today’s exchanges on Pure Poison, a truly elevated and thoughtful filleting of an issue. Shows what might be done here.

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