I admit here to a small amount of confusion. Does the new Fairfax opinion aggregator The National Times wish the identity of its star national affairs columnist, The Goanna, to be a secret, an open secret or Tony Wright?

All possibilities appear to be in play.

The National Times home page just offers The (unadorned) Goanna as the column title with no other authorial attribution, thus:


It’s the same way on Goanna article pages … reptile as author, no obvious sign of human intervention.

Seems though that the backend folk at National Times have been tagging (as we say) the Goanna columns with the author’s name … which is to say the quite wonderful Mr Tony Wright. Thus when one types “Tony Wright” into the Fairfax search window Goanna columns are revealed:


That said, in other parts of the National Times site, Tony Wright is the man who never was:


Go figure.

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