This ad has been running hard in Melbourne print media since the footy at the weekend:

oz1It says something about the sort of person Melbourne University is hoping to attract to its business school … a school that apparently sees a football allegiance (the guy in the ad has decided, oh smart fellow, to wear the Geelong tie, not the St Kilda one) as an option that can be selected on the day according to perceived advantage. Lets take that sort of loyalty and commitment into corporate life shall we? (Oh! We already have!)

Memo Melbourne University business school and all you sharp arsed merchant banker types: a footy allegiance is for life. A footy team is about a hot passion followed through thick and thin. A footy team is not just a tie you wear to a corporate lunch. On a whim. Wankers.

PS: It’s been pointed out, see comment below, this this ad is in fact for the Graduate School of Management. Who don’t run the MBA program. But are still wankers IMHO.

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