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Apr 1, 2011

Review: George McEncroe in The Care Factor


So… That was unexpected.

George McEncroe is a deceiving lady when she steps on stage. Her appearance, appropriately, is that of a mother of four who’s had command of a household for years. She quickly shows she’s more than that.

That’s part of what makes her show disarming, she doesn’t stick to that persona at all. Her direct manner is unexpected, but quickly appreciated. She puts you at ease right until the point your jaw drops.

George is a gifted storyteller who the audience can relate to, and she invites everyone to laugh at her insecurities and neurosis. During her show she touches on her role as a mother, her childhood, and some of the jobs that she’s had. There’s a dying priest, some chicken pie, and even a bit of poetry reading. Have you ever wondered which Wiggle George fancies? You’ll get your answer.

Her show comes across as part comedy part therapy, as she takes you through how she developed anxieties in her life, and how she tried to shake them. In her own way, she even tries to help the audience.

I just hope my anxieties are finally put to some good use. As a bit of a warning, the festival show promises nudity, and it wasn’t wrong – during the show George bares her soul.

George McEncroe’s show ‘The Care Factor’ is on at Arthur’s Bar at Rosoti, 7pm, 31st March – 24th April.


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One thought on “Review: George McEncroe in The Care Factor

  1. mixedlollies

    I LOVED this show. It’s like Matt says – when she comes on stage you expect one thing, but what you get is quite another. It’s the kind of show where you don’t just want to be best friends with her after it’s finished, but also feel like you already are. I know it’s early days, but this is the best thing I’ve seen at the festival so far.

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