“You can tell within the first two minutes whether a show is going to be shit or not, and I’ll tell you now, I’m f-cking worried!”

These are the words that a sweaty Michael Chamberlin uttered as he kept his gaze to the floor, fidgeting in a distracted manner in front of an audience of about twenty-five people. He shouldn’t have worried so much though.

Yelling his welcome from the back of the room and entering to Beatles music, Chamberlin sits in between two never-explained paintings, giving the room a ‘cheaply renovated’ smell.

He begins with a description of how uneventful his life had been in the past – putting much of the focus on his lisp, speech therapy and his nephew’s bathroom habits.

While Chamberlin never seemed entirely comfortable, his show is soon saddled safely after a slightly shaky start. Determined to get out and experience life, the rest of his routine were fed by these events.

Taking part in Mardi Gras, addressing his speech problem, visiting a swinger’s club, and going to a shooting range are some of the activities he undertook in this quest, and they provided him with some solid stories.

Chamberlin’s had a squirming manner with his delivery and I had the urge to confiscate the chair he sat squirming on. Some of his jokes fell flat, which bothered him a bit. But there’s no denying that the culminating rant he delivered while firing a gun in a shooting range had the audience applauding at it’s hilarity.

Chamberlin definitely has his strengths. The range of swearing is remarkable and artfully used, he can do a bogan voice with surprising accuracy, and once he swings into action, the laughs come quite easily. There are definitely worse ways you could spend a night then going to his show.

Michael Chamberlin in Things I Haven’t Done, in the Victoria Hotel, 8:30pm, until April 24th

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