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Jul 4, 2011

Radio play: The Power of Monkey Island, Part 04


A bit of shameless cross promotion here, by drawing the attention of Crikey readers to the new part of The Power of Monkey Island, a ten part radio play that I’ve been making at one of my other websites, Nightlight Productions.

Based on the Monkey Island video game series by LucasArts, The Power of Monkey Island tells the tale of the zombie pirate LeChuck who finds himself on trial with Guybrush Threepwood tasked with representing him.

In part four, Guybrush Threepwood calls his second witness, Murray, the evil demonic skull. Meanwhile, Carl the Swordmaster of Jambalaya Island has journeyed to Plunder Island, after a mysterious mental summons from the Voodoo Lady.

Listen to part four here, and catch up on the first three parts here.


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