Freelance writer Meghan Lodwick writes…

Two lone chairs sat on a blank stage which I later discovered was the appropriate backdrop for talent so ripe minimalism was key to let the two actors shine.

This Is Siberian Husky debuted at the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and now Simon Godfrey and Dan Allemann—the duo behind the production group—have brought their series of sketches to the Melbourne Fringe in Quadrophonic Kaleidoscope.

The show was nothing short of awesome.

For 50 minutes I witnessed Godfrey and Allemann delve into several different characters and perform sketches that were not only funny but ranged from infant breast enlargement surgery to a man’s affection towards musical instruments.

Each act was delivered with an intense amount of brevity, perfectly timed without a stumble or hint of a stutter. These men were prepared to the point of perfection and not to mention hilarious and entrancing.

This Is Siberian Husky’s approach to this show is similar to American comedy duo and 2009 winners of the Barry Award at the MICF, The Pajama Men, in that each group string their sketches together by revisiting the absurdity of their material again and again to tie up the loose ends.

The benefit of this method is that as an audience member it means you are brought into the in joke through these means of delivery.

Godfrey and Allemann have also written and acted in Barnaby Flowers a group made up of comedy savants which has appeared on Channel 31 and videos can be found on YouTube.

If there is anything you see at the Fringe, see this. It will have you laughing out loud and better to get in there now then wait and pay the amount for tickets these two are actually worth.

This is Siberian Husky in Quadrophonic Kaleidoscope, Tuesday through Saturday at the Melbourne Fringe, 7:30pm, Club Voltaire.

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