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Apr 7, 2012

Review: Steele Saunders in The Cat's Meow | Melbourne International Comedy Festival


Have you ever looked at a cat and realised that it’s got everything figured out? Your food is brought to you, you get attention on your own terms, and there’s always someone to clean up after you. Why do humans think we’re superior to them at all?

It’s something that has been playing on the mind of Melbourne comedian Steele Saunders, who has spent the last five years seeing to the needs and desires of a persian cat named Jerry.

Steele’s hilarious show compares humans with cats, and through covering a range of topics proves quite easily that cats are superior, beginning with the poster for his festival – it’s pretty clear the star of the show is Jerry.

With sharp wit and deadpan delivery, Steele holds the audience in the palm of his hand for much of the show. His ad-libs are often killer, and he handles interruptions like an experienced pro – for your own sake, make sure you turn up on time for his show.

Steele could have taken the lazy route and play YouTube videos of cats (there’s no shortage of material out there) but instead he’s crafted some funny material, which is at times rather touching. Often it almost seems like Jerry himself was at the Spleen Bar with us.

Even if you don’t like cats (I’m sure there must be some strange people like that out there), you shouldn’t be discouraged by the feline focus. Steele’s show is ultimately an exploration of the failings of humans (often including himself).

Steele Saunders in The Cat’s Meow is on at the Spleen Bar – Tuesdays – Saturdays (not Fridays) 8:15pm, Sundays 7:15pm, until April 22nd.


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