Production kicks off today on a four episode sketch comedy show from popular comedian Sam Simmons.

Titled Problems, the show will run on the theme of solving a problem over the course of an episode. It’s slated to air later in 2012.

Production will be done by an arm of Australian comedian promotion behemoth Token. They gave a vague comment which is best left unquoted, describing the show as taking place in Sam’s world, but not in Sam’s world.

Much of the material will be written by Sam Simmons, and joining him in the cast are comedians Lawrence Mooney, Anthony Morgan, Ronny Chieng, Laura hughes, Kate McCartney and Nick Maxwell. It will be directed by Trent O’Donnell, who previously bought us the ABC comedies Laid, Woodley, Hamster Wheel, and later on this year, A Moody Christmas.

Colour me cautiously optimistic. Australian television has been without native sketch comedy for a while, so maybe enough time has passed since the stain of Good News World for it to make a comeback.

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