Aunty Donna’s boys are a hard working bunch and their murder mystery comedy sketch is full of energy and enthusiasm.  It’s also full of dick jokes.

Although you don’t need to only enjoy dirty jokes to have a laugh, I was a little out of my depth for parts of the show.  At times, with all four guys on stage, their childishness incited infectious laughter (loved the intro rap and the dancing interludes) but at others it was like a flashback to high school, listening to teenage boys trying to impress each other at recess.

The sketch follows the group as their car breaks down on their way to Nar Nar Goon – the first stop of their world tour.  They’re stranded in “Giant Scrotum-Ville” and the only way out is to solve the mystery murder of the fax machine shop owner.  This leads to some of their best performances – cameo characters who are interviewed in the investigation.  The organic bookshop owners are a highlight, but Aunty Donna’s boys do go a bit off track at times.  There was certainly too much time spent on discussing semen, for my liking anyway.

For what it’s worth, a lot of the crowd were laughing heavily throughout the performance – and there are some genuinely hilarious parts of the show.  Recommended if you don’t mind a bit of late night phallic humour.

Reviewed by Nicole Humphreys.

Aunty Donna are performing every night (except Monday) from Tuesday 9 until Saturday 13 October – 10.30 pm at The Loft, Lithuanian Club.

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