First Dog will always hold a special place in my heart, most noticeably because my heart is full of other cartoon animals who appreciate interpretive dance. He’s in good company.

Still, my appreciation of his show has a lot to do with the fact that First Dog employs Smart Humour for Intelligent People, and these people have been out in abundance recently, if his sold-out show How to Draw Cartoobs and Other Typos is anything to go by.

The premise of the show is simple but effective, if precariously close to uninventive. It’s just a slideshow, a guy in a suit and a script, and it could quite easily go pear-shaped. In general, it doesn’t, even if the show drags on a tad too long.

Most people will appreciate the thoughtful drawings, multitude of cute cat pictures and yes, real-life interpretive dancing. You don’t need to know First Dog’s cartoons, but it helps.

It suits those with relatively short attention spans because it’s a show with a wandering heart. First Dog demonstrates his broad emotional range, leaping from critical, amusing discourse on climate change to feminism and the many ways in which a bandicoot can enchant the public with his stunning bodily interpretations of the machinations of Australian politics.

First Dog has one more show at the Lithunaian Club, tonight at 9:30pm. If it’s not sold out.

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