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‘I’m sorry we’re starting 40 minutes late’, says big-booted and tattooed Abigoliah Schamaun at the start of her show. ‘There was a clown in here before me. I yelled at him and made him cry. I made a clown cry.’

I like her already.

And with that apology out of the way, Abigoliah launches into an hour of comedy that is smart, smooth and dirty, but not in an easy or predictable way. Sex is the topic of the night; she likes it, she likes talking about it, and she makes it funny without making it silly. From Fingr (the lesbian Grindr) to hooking up with Racist Voldemort and working out the first kiss escape route, Abiogilah builds a rapport with the audience, gets them onside and then starts playing with their expectations, with a delivery that feels organic rather than rehearsed.

At the halfway point the comedy pauses (or at least diminishes slightly) for some sideshow stunts and antics. As well as freaking some audience members out (funny in itself), these serve as a bridge into the second half, which gets a bit deeper. Now it’s about choosing a career in comedy over eye surgery, delivering her father’s eulogy and processing her feelings (don’t worry, it doesn’t get too heart-wrenching), drunken sexting, cover group sex and bacon opinions.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t get that much deeper.

Abigoliah talks about being inspired into comedy by seeing George Carlin live when she was a teenager, and that influence is definitely visible in her show. There’s the same canny intelligence, the same easy confidence in the delivery, the same OH SHIT HE/SHE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT fearlessness. The same kick-your-arse-with-excellent-comedy quality.

This isn’t a show for the easily offended (or the squeamish, given some of the sideshow elements), but if you like your comedy to be both clever and in-your-face dirty, then you should definite check out Abigoliah Schamaun. George Carlin would approve. Hell, he’d have probably laughed his beard off.

Abigoliah Schamaun in Girl Going to Hell is on at The Tuxedo Cat at 9:45pm Mon – Sat, 8:45pm Sun until April 9th.

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