Matt Smith writes…

Tucked away in a room/cupboard in The Forum, the duo that call themselves This Is Siberian Husky fire up their misery factory and quickly grab the audiences’ attention. The small and finite confines are soon forgotten, as the energetic performance of the duo pulls everyone in.

Dan Allemann and Simon Godfrey are minimalist in their approach, preferring to use their small stage as a theater of the mind. Accompanied by the occasional well timed sound effect or musical cue, their methods are vaguely Pythonesque, taking a scenario to the absurd with great success.

The show weaves together a series of sketches around the story of a misery factory, which does what it says on the tin, manufacturing all the misery there is in the world. While the story remains integral throughout, Allemann and Godfrey make the most out of it with a range of characters, from workers to managenent to health and safety inspectors.

Every now and then it will segue further afield, to show how the miseries are taking effect in the world. Both Allenmann and Godfrey have their strengths, whether it be the range of voice or the flair of body expression, and it compliments their style of sketches.

Surprisingly there’s even an attempt to resolve the storyline with a left field solution, although it doesn’t remotely make sense. Given the way the show is played out, it’s appropriate and quite splendid. The journey is what matters the most and it’s a creative scenario that is a delight to watch.

This is Siberian Husky in The Misery Factory is on at The Forum until 7th April and the Tuxedo Cat at other points of MICF. Probably best to check the website.

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