Dixie Longate is back for this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, but with her luggage gone on to Victoria’s deep south without her there ain’t quite enough Tupperware for a party. So instead of the full-blown Tupperware show complete with catalogues that audiences experienced last year, she’s here to tell us stories of her travels as an American southern bogan with a passport.

Be it looking to get laid before a flight or wondering why she can’t get pork crackling in Turkey during Ramadan, Dixie plays on the stereotypes of insular Americans who don’t travel. This works well enough because Dixie is in the business of pulling together a range of stereotypes – about the deep south, Tupperware, trailer trash and more – embodying them all but blasting them out of the water with her irreverent humour.

Last year’s show was at the Spiegeltent, a more intimate venue than this year’s Forum Downstairs. The larger venue removes some of the scope for audience engagement that had me ducking in my seat at MICF 2012, but Dixie still puts her ability to improvise to good use by calling on four audience members to take part during the show.

Dixie Longate is here to have fun, and she takes the audience along for the ride. I did miss the Tupperware, though – it makes an appearance towards the end and there’s no doubt that she’s at her best when the jokes are woven into her Tupperware display.

I get the sense that Dixie’s Tupperware Party was a show that she’d been performing for a long time – she was comfortable in the skin of that show and the jokes were always on-target. This year’s My Bags Went Where? feels a little newer – the humour doesn’t always hit its mark and isn’t as fast-paced.

If you missed Dixie’s Tupperware Party and are keen to see what all the fuss was about, then she’s worth catching this year, but otherwise I’d allow some time for this southern gal to be reunited with her Tupperware-filled luggage.

My Bags Went Where? is on at The Forum Downstairs, Tuesday to Saturday at 8.30pm and Sunday at 7.30pm until April 14.

Suzannah Marshall Macbeth blogs at equineocean.

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