Patrick O’Duffy writes…

The DJ Illuminati are here in the form of Andrew McClelland (a comedian who DJs) and Kieran O’Sullivan (a DJ who comedies). Both run clubs, both love pop music and both are here at MICF to teach you – yes, you – about the art of the decks and mixer.

Together they will take you on a sonic journey (albeit one that doesn’t go anywhere) with stories of DJing at KFC, learning to DJ in the cyberpunk abyss, listening to the Smiths at a Pearl Jam concert and delicious biscuits. Learn how DJing (selecting, rather than mixing/scratching) works! Marvel at their opinions on techno, umlaut misuse and Neapolitan ice-cream remixes! Thrill to tales of worst wedding waltz choices and multiple references to R2-D2 fingering a squirrel! They might even teach to DJ – just not that well.

Hang the DJ is a deliberately patchwork collection of jokes, sketches, riffs and tongue-in-cheek lectures, with occasional music and (short) dance medleys. Andrew McClelland is an old hand at this sort of playful niche comedy where he explores the things he’s passionate about. The unusual aspect to this show is that he’s working with a partner, DJ Kieran. While Kieran’s not as polished or experienced a comedian as Andrew, he does a pretty good job of playing Gromit to Andrew’s Wallace, bringing a feeling of experience and authenticity to the show with his DJing stories.

This is a fun, upbeat and engaging show that’s ideal for anyone that loves music, loves DJing or just loves laughter. And the best part is that your ticket also gets you entry into the post-show dance club, where Andy and Kieran play three hours of indie-pop in the Bella Union bar. Now that’s value. Get in there and drop that bass.

Andrew McClelland’s Hang the DJ (feat. DJ Kieran O’Sullivan) is on at the Trades Hall, 11pm Fri and Sat until April 20th.

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