For those who aren’t prepared for him, Paul Foot can take a bit of getting used to. He explodes on stage dressed in a silver jacket and tie, a combination padlock through his belt loop. His mannerisms are of someone you might find on the 86 tram to Bundoora late at night. The shock factor never wears off, but he’s so hilarious that it wears you down with laughter. He’s eratic, he’s enthusiastic, and it’s brilliant.

Half-speaking in verse with a nonsensical manner, we never find out who the¬†eponymous Kenny Larch is. Not that it matters. Foot’s stories instead cover topics of collecting cheese, optimum conditions for growing cucumbers, and a disappointing children’s party. The content isn’t entirely important, as the comedy lies in Foot’s delivery – the stories overstay their welcome to the point where laughter becomes exhaustion.

A word for the wise though, be wary of sitting in the front row. Foot has a habit of jumping off stage and involving an unsuspecting punter in his tirade. Whether it’s just projecting his rage at one or seeking comfort in another, by the halfway mark of the show the show the audience had caught on, remaining quiet to his questions. ‘Are there any couples in the audience?’ went unanswered with a careful silence. Not that it did any good.

It’s hard to describe what makes Paul Foot so great. He’d make a perfect Mad Hatter without the hats. Most of the laughter experienced is that of disbelief, as you try and untangle anything he says on stage and in search of something that makes sense. It’s a pointless practice. The most you can do is just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Paul Foot in Kenny Larch is Dead is on at the Hi-Fi, 8:15pm Tues – Sat, 7:15pm Sun until April 21st.

Matt Smith has his own blog, The End of the Spectrum, and you can follow him on twitter: @nightlightguy.

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