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Xavier Michelides is not a morning person. His morning routine of coffee, TV and general grumbling has to be just right, or it puts him in a bad mood for the rest of the day – a mood in which he can’t help but think of all the things that might make mornings better, or that ruined mornings for him in the past.

That’s the premise of Xavier’s new show – it’s a loose theme, but an effective skeleton for a show full of absurdity. Topics include the reductiveness of He-Man, the mystery knobs on old TVs, buck’s night peer pressure, awful breakfast ideas, the eye-booger goblin, media tie-in coffee shops and unexpected Russian Mafia ventures. Behind all of this are Xavier’s continual attempts to find the positive in things – to wind the clock back to his childhood, when mornings were awesome and the test pattern was his favourite TV show.

Good Morning! is a move away from the one-man theatrical pieces Xavier’s done over the last couple of festivals. This time, his show is a mix of sketches and stand-up, with clever use of light, sound and voice-over to help separate scenes. Xavier has a wonderful flexibility of voice, mannerism and body language that lets you immediately distinguish between every character and situation in this one-man show; you never get confused about who’s talking or what’s going on.

While not as conceptually intricate as previous shows, Good Morning! is a rousing, hilarious collection of ideas that gel into a pleasing, side-splitting whole. Xavier Michelides is a terrific comedian who deserves a bigger audience; hopefully this show is the next step towards gaining one. Get on the bandwagon now.

Xavier Michelides in Good Morning! is on at The Forum Theatre, Tues – Sat 8:30pm, Sun 7:30pm until April 21st.

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