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Apr 3, 2013

Review: Jason Geary & Jimmy James Eaton in Sketch-ual Healing | Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Patrick O’Duffy writes…

A lone cowboy rides into an ambush after refusing to replace his horse with a Datsun. A book lover is trapped in a sepulchral library. A supervillain applies for a job in the fast food industry. And then lights flicker, music blares and the story changes again! All part and parcel of the grand medical experiment that soothes your wounds with Sketch-ual Healing.

Improvisers Jason Geary (Impro Melbourne) and Jimmy James Eaton (The Big HOO-HAA) join forces for this two-man whirl of absurd, deftly arranged sketches that tie back upon each other, bringing you an epic tale of justice, terror, face murder, sex detectives, Christopher Walken and roadworkers in love. Does that make sense? Probably not, but it all comes together on stage to find some kind of resolution, one that left the audience cheering and constantly laughing.

The two performers work together fantastically, aided by great light and sound cues to break up scenes. Jimmy’s super-expressive eyeballs and Jason’s sweaty body language form a bizarre and hilarious gestalt, with clever use of mime, man-made sound effects and occasional vulture impersonations to back up the various threads of story and intertwined sketches.

This is an excellent show, the kind of thing that looks spontaneous and improvised at first and then reveals itself to be carefully crafted for maximum laughage. Jason and Jimmy are a dynamic duo and they bring you all the laughs your puny human frame can contain.

Come. Experience the healing.

Jason Geary & Jimmy James Eaton in Sketch-ual Healing is on at the Imperial Hotel, 7pm Tues – Sun until April 19th.

You can visit Patrick O’Duffy’s website or follow him on twitter: @patrickoduffy.

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