There’s no doubt that a night out at a Wil Anderson show will guarantee you a solid laugh. An old hand at radio and a familiar face on our screens, he’s dominated every medium but it’s when he struts his stuff on stage that he’s at his best.

Anderson’s Goodwil tour is primarily a massive catch-up session with his audience – here’s everything I’ve been up to in the past year. He presents the claim that he’s had a bad year, and there’s plenty to prove that. There’s medical problems, problems with theft, a new dog in his life, plus a more than generous amount of his political views.

You’re not meant to take any of this seriously – in fact, it’s a bit impossible when he’s cracking jokes about it in front of a huge banner with so many pictures of himself that you could mistake it for a remake of Michael Keaton’s Multiplicity. Despite this constant reminder of the good in Goodwil, his willingness to invite the audience to laugh with himself at himself is welcoming and humble.

At times he strays into loud and opinionated, but usually he’s oddly convincing, even with a few of his more unconventional ideas. There’s a larrikin feel to his comedy which is perfectly matched by the two beers he drains during the course of his show.

A veteran of the comedy festival, Anderson has earned every member of the big audience he draws. He clearly has fun on stage, and is on brilliant form this year.

Wil Anderson in Goodwil is on at the Princess Theatre, Tues – Sat 8:45pm, Sun 5:15pm until April 21st.

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