In the rather small Ladies’ Lounge at the Forum Theatre, Geraldine Hickey is definitely in-your-face. Hickey’s Love or a Slab of Fudge is a personal narrative told for comic effect, and it is funny, if you don’t mind some rather crude humour, too-much-information on occasion, and plenty of swearing.

As Hickey points out, this show should have been called ‘how long is a piece of fling?’ However, Love or a Slab of Fudge is a fairly accurate title too – this is a show about successfully managing, and walking away from, an affair that has a deadline. What keeps Hickey on the straight and narrow in this story is, of course, the fudge.

I’m beginning to think there’s a theme emerging among comedians at this year’s festival, with Hickey, like Hannah Gadsby in Happiness is a Bedside Table, proud to have finally ‘grown up’. There’s an element of this in Claire Hooper’s Plums, too, though Hooper’s is expressed quite differently and all three comedians use this as a topic for comedy in very different ways.

For Hickey, becoming an adult is somehow linked to relationships, and that’s the crux of this narrative. Hickey takes a certain pride in being a late starter when it comes to romance, and so while this might be adult comedy in terms of content, it’s not so adult in terms of sophistication. Hickey creates a good rapport with the audience (unless you look like you’re not having fun, in which case beware), but sometimes relies on swearing or cajoling the audience to get a laugh.

This show did have me laughing from early on, and the narrative was engaging so that I was keen to know how things would end up. The finale could have been stronger, but overall this was an enjoyable show if you don’t mind an intimate venue. To top it off, a few of Hickey’s one-liners were comedy gold and have stuck with me – always a plus.

Geraldine Hickey in Love or a Slab of Fudge is on at the Forum Theatre Ladies’ Lounge, Tuesday to Saturday at 9.45pm and Sunday at 8.45pm until April 21.

Suzannah Marshall Macbeth blogs at equineocean. You can follow her on twitter @equineocean.

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