Patrick O’Duffy writes…

Laura Davis is 25 years old but still feels like she’s pretending to be an adult, still working out how to assemble the jigsaw puzzle of life.

Armed with nose tampons, band-aids and a bottle of artificial saliva (it’s a real thing and SO GROSS), plus graphs and charts to map emotional Ferris wheels and pressure points, she talks about eating Tim-Tams for breakfast and buying inappropriate underwear in a show about the mistakes you shouldn’t make twice, some big (toxic relationships) and some small (buying $1 food court miso soup).

In her quest to create medical-grade comedy, Laura talks about her McDonalds addiction and regular existential crises, writing jokes for eyelash mites, nearly dying in a steam train accident, being doomed to die a crazy cat lady while being allergic to cats, sexy murder mysteries, discount cremations and pre-school re-enactments of the Crucifixion. All of it tinged with positive and negative emotions; all of it delivered in her chatty, scatty and lovely style.

Laura’s last MICF show, ‘Notes from Birds,’ was a long narrative about sinking into loneliness and depression and then finding your way out again. ‘Look Out, it’s a Trap!’ loses the narrative structure, retains the themes but also adds a strong element of anger, of being frustrated with the limitations of the body, the mind and the heart. And yet, for all that its themes are serious, this isn’t a dark or edgy show. It’s more like a personal therapy session that’s also adorable and very funny, with clever humour that comes from sadness but also from kindness and honesty.

At times you may be torn between laughing or sobbing, but by the end the graphs are proved right, and you walk out on a high, inoculated against sadness. It’s a good feeling. You should see Laura’s show and try it.

Laura Davis in Look Out, It’s a Trap! is on at the Tuxedo Cat, Tue-Sat 7.15pm, Sun 6.15pm until April 21st.

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