Inside the EggNicole Humphreys writes …

Deep inside the egg are some very troubled souls. Traumatised adults are still trying to recover from their premature fame as an Anne Geddes baby.

What did Anne do to these babies?

Sam Allen and Chris Harrigan’s imaginative show takes us through a variety of characters struggling to come to grips with their lives post-Geddes terracotta pots, plants and Celine Dion. The nineties babies, now adults, have more issues than Macaulay Culkin.

A number of other characters are thrown into the mix; Geddes’ manager has a tricky role to play trying to convince Geddes that foetal photography is the next hot trend, and a grandpa struggles knowing he lost his granddaughter in a road-side gamble to a gypsy-esque Geddes before she shot to fame.

Video footage is an entertaining distraction, used between character changes and the creepy parents who are convinced that getting their baby a Geddes’ gig is their ticket to fame. The nonsensical baby rapper is a comedy highlight; the adult-sized nappy is like a car crash.  You’re unsure where to look and can’t help wondering if it’s going to stay on.

Above all, Allen is a brilliant actor and he moves easily between characters, showing off impressive vocal and physical performances.  Inside the Egg is an unusual but certainly entertaining hour.

NB: The Tuxedo Cat venue is a bit chilly, so rug up!

Inside the Egg is playing from 18 to 24 September at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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