If you appreciate a rockin’ seventies moustache, repeatedly singing Believe It or Not and hating on Jon Cryer, your tastes will be rewarded with lollies at Sitcom Theme Song Singalong (and Trivia). Yes folks, you can seriously make back your ticket money in chocolate here.

Sitcom is a snappy, well-rehearsed show run by a retro-tastic, moustachioed Bert Goldsmith. It’s so well-rehearsed, in fact, that it can even operate sans one performer (Rosie Vernel broke her foot only days before the show’s opening, but she’ll be back on Sunday). Not only that, Goldsmith has the kind of rapid-fire wit that keeps the show rolling in between important segments involving theme songs that sound creepily like porn intros and the incredibly entertaining waste of time that is the Perfect Strangers online game. This is a show made for people who have too much time on their hands and damn well enjoy wasting it (me!).

As an added benefit, the show caters to a variety of ages. I was outwitted on anything before the early eighties, but Sitcom does include shows along the lines of Parks and Recreation and Family Guy to satiate the young’uns.

It’s rare to go to a show where you’re engaged for its entire duration. Competitive chocolate-winning helps, for sure, but I think you’re just as likely to succeed in having a good time at Sitcom if you bring along your loud friends, the ones who are perfectly happy singing all the words to Fresh Prince of Bel Air or making fun of Jennifer from Family Ties. Throw in gastronomic rewards and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be on a winner with the kind of silliness invoked in this trivia-based comedy show.

Sitcom Theme Song Singalong is playing 18 to 27 September at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.


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