Amy Freund writes …

Australia, strap yourself into your closest ride-on lawnmower. The new and improved second season of Tractor Monkeys is set to hit a television set near you.

Coining its name from a seventies clip of a monkey riding a ride-on lawnmower, the quiz show combines the comedic genius of host Merrick Watts and team captains Dave O’Neil and Monty Dimon, who take us on a wild and whacky journey through Australia’s colourful past.

The revamped second season boasts a series of guest stars. Tractor Monkeys’ first episode for the season focuses on the rise and fall of fashion trends, with guest stars such as Kerri-Anne Kennerley and James Kerley helping teams explore the fashion trends and fads that have obsessed Australia over the last 40 years.

Team captain Dave O’Neil is not shy when it comes to fashion, his teen style icon Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran influencing some very interesting style decisions. “I had my hair dyed like Simon Lebon with a blonde fringe when I was a teenager, which is pretty brave when you grow up in the outer suburbs,” he says.

This season of Tractor Monkeys comprises nine themed episodes, each one better and funnier than the last and covering subjects such as love, family, TV and even school.

“My favourite episode was leisure, which I really liked because we talked about all those things like board games, riding bikes and making a ferret stadium. We built a BMX track in one of our friend’s backyard and used it to have ferret runs,” Dave laughs.

According to Dave, viewers can expect a lot of fun, memories and maybe even find out some little-known secrets from some of our favourite stars, Dave’s favourite being that of Glenn Robbins secret fascination of getting nude.

“The guest I really liked was Glenn Robbins and he did summer. I don’t think he’s exactly closeted about it, but he’s a bit of a nudist, and he speaks about getting nude on the beach and stuff. It’s all very funny.”

So whether you had Jenny Kee jumpers, snapback caps or parachute pants as your style statement growing up, Tractor Monkeys is likely to be laugh for all the family.

Tractor Monkeys airs on ABC1 at 8pm every Wednesday, from September 25.

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