Amy Freund writes …

I came into Party Banana with high hopes, expecting a hilarious show of perfectly placed comedic fails that would bring me back to a party I’d once loved. Instead, I was bombarded with a galley of false facades and cringe-worthy acting, leaving me extremely confused and a little disappointed.

From what I gathered, Party Banana intends to immerse the viewer in a party that is hilarious in how terrible it is, the combination of characters showing just how wrong a night can go. But instead, by its sheer fabrication, I felt that it lost its essence of a ‘terribly good party’ and was in reality just a group
of over-acting individuals. It left the unsuspecting observer completely confused.

As much as I tried to understand and appreciate the message and performance specularity of the show, I feel like the performance got too involved in outing the ‘art wanker’ than actually being funny. It’s a heavy satire that made me feel more awkward than anything, as if I was crashing a party where everyone knew each other and all had a part to play in the circus of the show. Rather than stay on and watch the performance play out, I found myself heading for the door as soon as I could.

For me, Party Banana is just another party I don’t want to remember.

Party Banana is playing 20 and 27 September at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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