Amy Freund writes …

Get ready to laugh, cringe or even cry at as you follow two rather unfortunate souls who are unlucky in love, life, and, well, everything at the Fringe Festival’s Twice Shy.

The story begins when booklover Rosemary and dinosaur-fanatic Jonathan’s lives literally collide. The precise encounter, at 6:31 pm, begins a journey of mishaps and misfortunes. It’s a modern love story that you wouldn’t expect to be glorified, but thank god it is, because it is one hilarious tale. Twice Shy glorifies what it is to be ordinary and finds a way to make it both interesting and funny.

Along with the two actors on stage, the show is aided by a video backdrop projecting the characters’ lives, dreams and hilarious hypothetical situations as they trip and tumble through their daily lives. The narrator and split-screen effect that the show adopts show how one simple action can cause a catalyst of events that may just push you towards finding the ‘one’.

The show is perhaps so great because it has characters that anyone can relate to. There’s the uncaring boss who only wants his breakfast muffin; that all too friendly, old neighbour; and my personal favourite, the foreign laundrette owner who insists that you insult his penis.

With a combination of toilet humour, awkward situations and a stream of hilarious yet perfectly timed pop-culture references, the light-hearted hilarity of the two accident-prone individuals will have you laughing till you cry (or if you’re lucky, even crapping yourself, as the show suggests).

You might have had one of ‘those days’ or an awkward encounter with an overly eager colleague who is ‘a bit of a tard’. Whether it’s milker stains, country ballads, or just some plain old awkward moments that make you laugh, come check out Twice Shy and prepare to laugh away your pain.

Twice Shy is playing 18 September to 1 October (selected dates) at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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