Nicole Humphreys writes …

The main requirement for a comedy gig is that it should be funny.  And this one was.

I was a little bit apprehensive as this was my first experience going to a comedy gig by myself—my boyfriend had issues with a dodgy curry.  Can you laugh out loud when you’re by yourself?  I discovered you can.  I don’t want to give too much away, but Callan’s opening is a great start to the show—his attempts at a one-handed macarena are very amusing.

A Little Less Conversation is about the history of dance, from the Stone Age all the way through each decade to today, when we are faced with torturous moves via Lady Gaga and Gangnam style.

The most impressive part is that Callan performs this complete evolution of dance himself, supported by some very talented back-up dancers.  But that’s not to take the limelight away from Callan—surprisingly, he’s got quite a bit of rhythm!

As he performed to Single Ladies, I was mesmerised by his Beyoncé-like locks. Callan has obviously spent quite some time in front of YouTube. Callan avoided twerking, convinced the jiggling bits of a middle aged man are not for the show, but I beg to differ; I think the show could only benefit from a bit of a twerk.

While Callan does have some rhythm, it doesn’t quite extend to his pole-dancing skills, where he lacks a bit of grace. Nevertheless, the final part of the show is particularly amusing.

Dave Callan’s A Little Less Conversation is playing 20 to 27 September at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.


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