Andy & Darcy are: Home AloneMustafa Nuristani writes …

All excited and ready for the show, I arrived fifteen minutes early to be told ‘doors will open at seven’, as expected. Fifteen minutes later the doors still hadn’t opened.

When it did start, the opening song (about a 40-something-year-old-man in love and wanting to prey on a 12-year-old) did not go down well. The few audience members, some of whom starred in the video played at the show, couldn’t help but cringe.

The show continued to flounder. Andy (Andy Balloch) and Darcy (Darcy St Jack) played themselves and came across a little self indulgent, assuming that their daily routines would make for a quality show. There were also some other awkward moments where the audience wondered if they really needed to see certain things, such as when Andy, the gay best friend, exposed himself to (straight) Darcy, making for another cringeworthy moment. If you spend that much time home alone and the same joke is repeated more than five times, perhaps you need to get out and meet other people.

Among the same old material, Andy and Darcy may have one theme, which is to push boundaries and reshape stereotypes. There are also a couple of new gags, where they play as pirates and puppets. It’s good for some light comedy but overall, the show can be a little over the top. There’s no way that two friends who spend every day together get up to all this: gags, songs, jokes, dancing, puppetry, treasure hunting, drinking, magic show and who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire game-playing.

The show lacks creativity and this might have been intentional, but it looked as though they came up with the idea yesterday and performed it today. Nevertheless, their good vocals rescued them several times from glaring mistakes and visible cracks in the script.

Andy & Darcy are: Home Alone is playing 26 September to 5 October
(selected dates) at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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