March, 2013

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Review: This is Siberian Husky in The Misery Factory | Melbourne International Comedy Festival

, Mar 30, 2013

Matt Smith writes… Tucked away in a room/cupboard in The Forum, the duo that call themselves This Is Siberian Husky fire up their misery factory and quickly grab the audiences’ attention. The small and finite confines are soon forgotten, as the energetic performance of the duo pulls everyone in.
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Review: This is Siberian Husky in Quadrophonic Kaleidoscope | Melbourne Fringe

, Oct 01, 2011

Freelance writer Meghan Lodwick writes… Two lone chairs sat on a blank stage which I later discovered was the appropriate backdrop for talent so ripe minimalism was key to let the two actors shine. This Is Siberian Husky debuted at the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and now Simon Godfrey and Dan Allemann—the duo behind […]