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Lunar Eclipse - a poem

Angela MeyerDec 31, 20072 Comments

The Outsider by Albert Camus - An 'I’ve Always Wanted to Read That' Review

Angela MeyerDec 26, 20073 Comments

Birthday - Short Story - extract

Angela MeyerDec 14, 20072 Comments

Pecking - a poem

Angela MeyerDec 5, 20073 Comments

loathed marrow jealous crystals pecking sparrows future nitpick, which way what? golden pathways human blocks tongue out for adventure feed please feed? battering cages

Update - Dec 07

Angela MeyerDec 5, 20075 Comments

A bit of background and an update to regular readers - I wrote the poem (Pecking, next post) while in a relationship. Some of you know I have recently come out of this relationship. It

The Room by Ray Melnik

Angela MeyerNov 27, 2007

Rohypnol by Andrew Hutchinson

Angela MeyerNov 19, 200710 Comments

Paint It Black by Janet Fitch

Angela MeyerNov 13, 2007

The Artist

Angela MeyerNov 4, 20074 Comments

Published in Slow Trains Literary Journal, November 2007. 1 Tattoos like stamped patterns on folded silk. She’d gotten them in Paris when she was eighteen, when a begga

The Children by Charlotte Wood

Angela MeyerOct 27, 20072 Comments