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The Children by Charlotte Wood

Angela MeyerOct 27, 20072 Comments

The Trout Opera by Matthew Condon

Angela MeyerOct 13, 2007

Matthew Condon - Interview

Angela MeyerOct 13, 20071 Comment

First published in the October 2007 issue of BOOKSELLER + PUBLISHER magazine (c) 2007 Thorpe-Bowker (a division of RR Bowker LLC)

Patriot Act by James Phelan

Angela MeyerOct 11, 20072 Comments

National Young Writers' Festival, Newcastle 2007 - Highlights

Angela MeyerOct 3, 20071 Comment

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the whole festival, but I had a wonderful drunken time at the 'Mega-Mega Launch' last Saturday night. On Sunday I attended a couple of session

Ash - Alison Croggon, and Stories of Bird - Lucy Holt - Poetry Review

Angela MeyerOct 3, 2007

My latest review published in Cordite Poetry Review - Of the two chapbooks under review, Lucy Holt’s exquisitely crafted poetry in