I have a wee poem ‘Tinsel Dreams (Tram Moment 1)’ in the new Story To… zine, which is available in print and as a FREEBIE online. Click on Issue 2: Pod People here.

Note that I wrote this poem after going to Varuna. There is a bit of stream-of-consciousness thought ramblings about mentor Peter Bishop, and other things. As is the nature of stream-of-consciousness…

And this blog post will now run into a bit of stream-of-consciousness.

Last night was the launch of Overland 193 which I’m really looking forward to reading. Of course, I will review it for you also. I’m looking forward to Antony Loewenstein, Alexis Wright, Eva Sallis, Louise Swinn and David Prater, as well as the bunch of writers I don’t know as well. Steven Amsterdam’s piece from the last issue is still haunting me somewhat.

I got to catch up with Antony Loewenstein at the launch (revisit my interview with him here), and got to meet Christos Tsiolkas – finally buying a copy of The Slap to add to the (larger than ever) to-read stack (it no longer qualifies as a pile). They were in conversation about dissent, the internet, Judaism, identity, confronting literature, and many, many more interesting things. Someone was filming so perhaps I’ll be able to link you up at some stage. Antony is about to head to the US to talk about some of the issues raised in The Blogging Revolution.

We also had nice Chinese food.

Did you know Text Publishing are bringing out Nick Cave’s second novel (the first in 19 years) late in 2009? It’s called The Death of Bunny Munro. I’m very excited.

Tonight is the Sketch launch. I’m reading my short story ‘The Minimalist and the Lamp in Berlin’ and a short extract from my novel manuscript Smoke & Dancing. Shimmy on down.

Some forthcoming reviews on LM include Firmin by Sam Savage, Hamlet (John Marsden’s novel vs Kenneth Branagh’s film version), and The Comfort of Figs by Simon Cleary. I’ll also be having a guest post by Louisiana Alba, and a ‘responsive’ interview with Josephine Rowe. And hey – don’t forget to email me if you want to do ‘Other People’s Favourite Books’.

Other recent acquisitions – Parting with my Sex – Lucy Chesser, The Steele Diaries – Wendy James, Led Zeppelin: When Giants Walked the Earth – Mick Wall, Svetlana or Otherwise – Tiggy Johnson, Witchcraft – Sharanya Manivannan, Turner’s Paintbox – Paul Morgan, and both of Simmone Howell’s books.

I’ve been having strange dreams lately, with music in them. And Grug. And deflated sea animals. But such is the nature of dreams. Sometimes people you have been thinking about (and repressing) show up.

And on a much more serious note, did you know an Australian writer is currently detained in a Thai jail for writing a book that apparently insulted the Thai monarchy? Hear it from a Thai blogger. Melbourne PEN recently wrote a letter to the Thai government to request his release.

Also, support the Indigenous Literacy Project by bidding for an amazing array of signed books.

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