Punk Planet Books, 9781933354101, 2006 (Aus, US)

razor. pillow-kiss. mental patients.

interior snowflakes. haunted house memory. failed masked-man.

essentially bad or essentially good?

the horror of a discovery. pills, lots of them. lonely echoing voices down the phone. vaporized individuals. an office. graveyard shift. mystery.

solved/unsolved. missing her. stealing pink. childhood gone.

fat boy.

bald boy.

a lone ant.

not speaking. firecracker messages. woods. dead bird. newspaper clippings. wigs. sheet ghost. (the possibilities of whispers).

bully. fear. alone. love. fear. alone. love.

Billy Argo.

a summer we wish we had.

exposed wrists. Wes Anderson meets X-men meets a philosophy lesson.

camp/depressing. magical/horrific. imaginative/ruined.

how do we accept the chaos of existence? defeated. abstract moments. fear. alone. love.

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