I’m spending my Saturday making bookmarks for the blog to give out at the Format Festival next month (as it’s a DIY festival, I thought crafty-collage-style bookmarks would be apt). They’ll be on different colour cardboards with words, little images I like, and gel-pen artwork! It’s so much fun – I haven’t done craft for a very long time. The program for the fest should be out soon.

It’s Death Mook week ahead! I’m absolutely amped for the launch party on Thursday night. Looks like it’s going to be pretty big. Sometime this week prior to the launch I’ll post an extract from my piece. There’s also a downloadable sampler on the Vignette Press website. I’ll be dressing deathly – Bela Lugosi (left), and Vampira may provide inspiration.

Monday night is Oscars! One of my favourite nights of the year. I get so excited and shoosh everyone during the speeches. I will be steering clear of all live feeds during the day.

And the other big news this week – I’ve joined Twitter! You can probably see this from the feed coming in on the right there. It’s lots of fun. Follow me if you like.

Here are some things for you this week:

* Emerging Writers’ Festival Callout for 15 Minutes of Fame

The Emerging Writers’ Festival is looking for emerging writers
interested in promoting their wares within the 15 Minutes of Fame
component of the program.

Are you a writer with a published work looking to find the right
audience (note this is any kind of writing short and long, as long as it’s published/out and about)? Do you need 15 minutes to meet new readers? Want to be a
featured artist in the Emerging Writers’ Festival program? The Emerging
Writers’ Festival’s 15 Minutes of Fame makes its main festival debut
after its pilot season as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. 15
Minutes of Fame will give writers an opportunity to spotlight their new
works within the Emerging Writers’ Festival.

15 minutes of Fame is short fifteen minute launches and readings by
emerging writers of their newly published work. Each session will
include a short introduction interview by the host, followed by a
reading and ending with a short question and answer component. Each session
will be under 15 minutes in length (of course) and will be held each
night from Monday 25th May to Thursday 28th May at the City Library.

If you are an emerging writer with a recently published work (within the
last 18 months) and wish to be a part of 15 minutes of fame, please
send your submission (max one page) to
[email protected]
by Monday 2nd March with the heading 15 Minutes of Fame.

Submissions should include a statement addressing why a launch/reading
within the Emerging Writers’ Festival program would benefit you as a
writer, what publication you would like to launch as well as an excerpt
of the text you would like to read.

Note: A shortlist will be compiled by EWF management, but they are bringing in a curator to select the final 16. And that curator, I’ve just found out today, will be me – a job I’m very happy to undertake. So send us your best stuff!

* I have an update on the Newstead Short Story Tattoo, which I mentioned a little while ago. The program is almost finalised, and many sponsors have come on board. The Newstead is the only short story festival in Australia. It will take place in Newstead, Victoria on May 15, 16 and 17. Confirmed events include Sleazy Stories (with live Burlesque performance!) starring three people I adore – Josephine Rowe, Sean M Whelan, and Paul Mitchell (with others); Crimes and Crucifixions, starring Lucy Sussex, Eric Dando, Annie Gleeson, George Ghio and more; The Fictitious Woman, starring the magnificent Carmel Bird, Cate Kennedy, Janet Barker and  more (possibly yours truly…); Local Legends will feature locals from here and there; Fire Stories (stories the old fashioned way around the bonfire at the Race Course with surround sound); The Hard Ball starring Paul Daffey from The Footy Almanac, Martin Flanagan (TBC), and many others. Neil Boyack also said:

There will be an accompanying exhibition of illustrations that have supported stories throughout a range of publications including the great Torpedo series of anthologies. It is hoped this will include artists from Marvel comics- comics of course being a legitimate short story form.  There will also be a market on the Sunday encouraging all Newsteadians to dust off old books and wares and sell them alongside farmers and others who wish to sell their goods. Primary schools in the Mt Alexander shire will also be invited to encourage students to submit stories to competitions (50 word, 100 word and 200 word story categories).  Many community groups such as the Historical society, the recreation reserve, Pocket Gallery, footy club, The Echo, RTC as well as other groups and businesses within our community will have the opportunity to benefit financially from the visitors to own town and district.  The official program will be finalised in the next fortnight and will be available soon after that.  The festival will be encouraging visitors to stay a while, and take in what Newstead has to offer in terms of facilities, wineries, cafes, pubs, accommodation and the like.  The Newstead Short Story Tattoo website will be operational by mid March and interested punters are encouraged to explore this world for further update and details.  Any further sponsorship enquiries should be directed to Neil Boyack 0437074326.

Of course, I will let you know when the website is up, and program out!

* A cool link via Beattie30 Novels Worth Buying for the Cover Alone. I love that version of A Clockwork Orange. I’d love it as a shirt.

* Another wonderful Kafka essay – a good one for beginners who are wondering about his appeal and the term ‘Kafkaesque’.

* Australian Literary Review editor Stephen Romei has joined the blogosphere – welcome! This week he updates us on the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. Go Christos Tsiolkas and Nam Le! I do wonder if the Crikey blog network has had an effect on decisions over at The Australian? Would love to see more challenging public comments/discussion on here, like Romei is getting (as opposed to the private emails, FB messages etc. you send me) – but I suppose their comment system is only one click instead of the (inital) three with this one.

* The latest issue of The Short Review is up. This review struck me as the most interesting.

* Very obsessed with this song. Melancholic synth.

Sometimes I wish I could wear a song like a piece of clothing. Musical emanation.

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