I am invincible.


I have survived 11 days of the Emerging Writers’ Festival, from which I am currently liveblogging, on its final day. Around me are indie publishers, zinesters, perusers, cupcakes, hot chips, Lisa Demster (hello!), Sean Whelan’s cool skeleton badge, and a spiderweb roof. A man just explained of my liveblogging to his wife as he walked by ‘It’s Gen Y…’ Chris Currie and Krissy Kneen are buying Stop Drop and Roll at the next table. I am at the Vignette Press and Aduki Independent Press table. I walked over with Steven Amsterdam, whose panel I’ll be running off to catch in a minute…


I have survived interviewing 15 great writers in the 15 Minutes of Fame sessions.


I survived a full working week even after a few wines and nervous-not-sleep-energy every night during the festival.


I survived a panel session, The Revolution Will Be Downloaded, yesterday, and even felt ridiculously pleased with how it went. I survived my first real forays into public speaking!


I survived a few nights of absolute unaccountable levels of scotch in my system, including last night. Hey, I’m awake! I’m coherent! I’m craving carbs…


I survived having an incredible amount of sexy, intelligent writers around me without bursting into flames, or exploding. I may still though…


I will share all of this in a photo journal over the coming days, including photos from time in my new role as ‘party ambassador’ (which I stole from Nathan Curnow – the poet-bunny-rock star).


Coming up soon on le blog: Sydney Writers Fest link round-up, reviews, interviews with Tom Cho and Sarah Manguso, and my talk from the Revolution Will Be Downloaded panel. Should I try and film myself saying it? Or do you prefer the words? Peace out.


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