It’s another Tequila sunrise…

(For Ken & Teela, the Dude, Brian Wilson bartender, and especially Owen… )


* Check this out. One-eighth Vulture is an online writing mag publishing, promoting and linking writers in two of the UNESCO cities of literature – Melbourne and Edinburgh (my two favourite cities!) The site is very new at the moment, but check it out, and think about what you might send them. They’re also on Twitter.

* My film buff bud Gerard has let me know that John Marsden’s Tomorrow When the War Began is going to be a movie!

* So, let’s have ‘that’ Dan Brown conversation. Who is going to read The Lost Symbol come September? Why or why not? I am! Honestly, because I’m curious. He’s taken many years to write it. And if it’s a steaming pile of shit, I’ll write about it here in a timely fashion. If I do end up liking it, I’ll be honest about it too! I read The Da Vinci Code and Deception Point when they first came out, before I studied literature (before I analysed the death out of everything, is what I’m saying). I remember racing through them and having fun with them. I do remember the characters being horribly one-dimensional, but I liked a blockbuster book that tackled religion, and concepts of the divine feminine etc. Don’t know what I would think of it now, though many trustworthy friends tell me the writing is florid and shithouse. What say you?

* The Booranga Writers Centre is accepting submissions for fourW, due on 30 June.

* And finally, Mr Grog of Grog’s Gamut, wrote a far better Bloomsday blog post than I. Have a read.

I’ll be posting my thoughts on Miles Franklin winner, Tim Winton’s Breath, tomorrow…

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