Bill Murray sleepingI missed you.

But it seems a break was needed. On my holidays I just about shut down – sleeping 10-12 hours a night, barely writing or reading a thing, seeing movies and spending time with great people. Though one of Clarissa’s lines from The Hours kept coming into my head: ‘I seem to be unravelling’. I was a slothful, lethargic, son-of-a.

But I am refreshed. I’ve been back at work for a week and tomorrow I’m teaching a workshop in Horsham, Victoria, called ‘Going it Alone’ – mostly on blogging and zines, but I’ll cover self-publishing, performance and promotion as well. You can find all the info here.

I’ll do more of a round-up post next weekend, but today I have NUMBERS and STATISTICS, which is a bit fun.

I took a look at the books I read in 2009, and following are some stats on my reading habits. It is the first time I’ve ever recorded my reading for a whole year, and I suspect I probably missed a few things. I didn’t record every literary journal I read, for example. I also didn’t record books I didn’t finish.

Books read in 2009: 93

… which is an average of 1.8 per week, or 7.8 per month.

70% of the books were Australian.

45% were written or edited by women, 55% were written or edited by men.

53% of books I read in 2009 were fiction novels, 22% were short story collections or journals, 14% were nonfiction books, 10% were poetry collections and just 1% were graphic novels.

I read far more new releases than classics or older works.

Did anyone else record their reading habits? Or movies, for that matter? What did you find? What do you think of mine? I think the balance is okay – and I’m happy I read so many Australian books. I’d like to increase the graphic novel quota, and I should probably dip into a bit more nonfiction. I’d also like to catch up on more classics, but the nature of my work means this isn’t a real possibility. But it’s okay – they’re not going anywhere.

First book read in 2010: Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl – so cussing wonderful to revisit it after seeing Wes Anderson’s warm, funny, ‘fantastic’ adaptation.

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