Just a quick note to say I may not be updating over here quite as much over the next few weeks as I’ll be full-on over at the Melbourne Writers Festival blog. You’ll see I’ve been pretty busy over there already, asking some of the MWF guests to respond to random topics such as listening, apathy, their first computer, dinosaurs, Melbourne, Franz Kafka, mornings and more.

I will nonetheless try and throw up a guest review or two over the course of the festival.

Also, I am now chairing two sessions at MWF – a Q&A on Friday with global nomad and self-confessed chameleon Mohezin Tejani. Mo’s life story is fascinating, and the event is totally free, so come along. And on Sunday I’m chairing ‘A Wordsmith’s Dream’ with word-nerds Ursula Dubosarsky, Davis Astle and Kate Burridge. Would love to see you there.

In other news: I’ve almost finished the very, very rough draft of my new manuscript. I’ll be putting it aside for a few months and concentrating on some academic work, then I’ll be coming back to it. I’ve also been really run-down and sick. I hope I don’t look too much like a zombie when you see me around MWF. I’m having a few days off from all obligations at the end of September. Until then, Thriller-Ange. 

And, crap! I haven’t blogged about Torpedo Greatest Hits yet. It’s out now, with my story ‘You Will Notice that Hallways are Painted’ (the story my novel ms has grown out of). If you get to read it, would love to know what you think.

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