Those two things might seem incompatible, but they are two things I have spoken about and written on lately…

Recently I was a guest of the Australian Publishers Association at the Social Media Marketing seminars in Sydney and Melbourne. There were all sorts of speakers – writers, booksellers, publishers, a ‘guru’ and someone like me who sits in the middle of everything, wearing several hats at once. I spoke briefly about LiteraryMinded in the blogosphere and in the social media realm, and then gave some ‘dos and don’ts’, from my own experience, on using social media. Basically I spoke about having genuine conversations, providing insight, and engaging with books and with readers. Charlotte Harper over at the ebookish blog has done a nice write-up of my talk. Check it out here.

My latest publication is in the NSW Writers Centre print magazine Newswrite. It’s called ‘Bringing the Letter Back’. In it, I write a letter to my old Dolly pen-pal Kristal, telling her why I think the letter should make a comeback. I talk about the Women of Letters events, run my Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire; and I mention Beth Sometimes’ postcards, Nabokov’s forthcoming collection of love letters, letters between Miles Franklin and Katherine Susannah Prichard and ideas about the link between letters, zines and vintage. I hope you guys get a chance to read it.

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