Despite seeing Notre Dame, the Panthéon and the Conciergerie today, and unexpectedly falling in love with stone, spiral staircases, there was another highlight I thought you’d appreciate: visiting one of the world’s most famous and truly delightful bookstores, Shakespeare and Company. The shelves are crammed with old and new books, the staff (I heard only Australian and American English) climb on actual wooden ladders to get to high places, and upstairs is a library and that famous bed. There were no photos allowed up there.


Above: G perusing the film books.

Okay, here’s one chimera (not a gargoyle) from the Notre Dame, because they are incredible:

And it was great seeing the Notre Dame right after paying our respects to Victor Hugo. Did you know much of the restoration in the 19th Century took place because he called attention to it?

At S&C I bought Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, and a great illustrated bag.

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