Readers, it’s been three years since my humble ‘blogspot’ blog moved onto this great website, garnering me new readers and a range of opportunities. It feels like time to return LiteraryMinded to the quiet backwaters of the internet.

There are a few reasons, which I may go into more over at the new blog. One is that, as I’m reviewing a lot more for other publications, it’s not fair to Crikey for me to clog up the blog with links to my work elsewhere (not that they’ve ever put restrictions on my content). There are also positive opportunities for playing around with the look of a new blog, and having a more open space for comments/conversation. I’ll also feel freer to broaden the scope (subject-wise) of what I write about

Readers, I hope you will come with me (as well as reading Crikey‘s new book blog – more on that in a minute) and publishers, I am still reviewing books all over the place, and am lined-up for a few writers’ festivals next year. I’m still happy to receive your emails, invitations and books.

Fellow bloggers, I would be very grateful if you could change the link in your blogroll to

What a ride it has been. I want to take this opportunity to thank the Crikey team for their ongoing enthusiasm and support for my words. I will definitely stay in touch and hopefully write the odd thing for the newsletter.

And now…

The new book blogger for Crikey, I’m very excited to announce, is Bethanie Blanchard. Beth was my top choice for the gig. She’s a great writer; she’s enthusiastic, super switched-on and has a broad range of interests. She’s been blogging for Kill Your Darlings, she’s a literature PhD student at the University of Melbourne and she’s the editor of antiTHESIS vol. 21. She’ll be starting soon and I’m sure you’ll enjoy her posts. All the best, Beth!


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