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Reading fiction is addictive and unhealthy, says Corn Flakes guy

I just came across this astonishing passage, quoted by John Fiske in Understanding Popular Culture. It’s from the Ladies Guide in Health and Disease by John Harvey Kellogg (yes, of Corn Flakes fame), published in 1882. There are also chapters on ‘marriage’, ‘personal beauty’, ‘diet’, clothing’, and, ah, ‘criminal abortion’. He says: ‘The reading of […]

I'm back! A quick note...

I’m up at 1:27 eating cheese, which means I’m back, and jet-lagged baby. My intentions for the blog while travelling were very good, but, you know… Europe, summer, etc. Once my head feels right again (I also have a rotten cold) I’ll be back in blog-land with news, reviews, some travel-related discoveries and more. I […]

A quick hello from Romania

I’m not feeling too well today. Isn’t it dumb to be ailed and glum while travelling? Yesterday was an amazing day. From the magical city of Brasov, Gerard and I were driven through the Carpathians on what was advertised as a ‘Dracula tour’. Basically, sites Vlad the Impaler inhabited (or just passed through). Vlad may […]

Going abroad

Tomorrow G and I fly to Europe for a 10 week stint. I’m presenting a paper at the London Film and Media Conference, and I’ll be working on my thesis as we travel, but there will also be lots of time for art, food, people, absinthe… and of course, literary tourism. The agenda includes: France, England, […]

Cut, print, that's a wrap: 2010

In 2010 I… fell madly in love presented/chaired at Perth Writers Festival, Format Festival, the Australian Booksellers Association conference, Byron Bay Writers Festival, Write Around the Murray; and locally here in Melbourne for the Melbourne Writers Festival, Williamstown Literary Festival, Emerging Writers Festival, and some events for Express Media. I also attended other writerly events, such as Writers at […]

Happy holidays

Two gorgeous 1930s cartoons that my sister and I used to watch every festive season. You might remember them too: Warm wishes to all my readers!

'I want to read that, too!' Wanting to know and be everything (but then take my time with something)

The Christmas party season is in full swing. I’ve forgotten names, drank too much, jumped on a trampoline, been told secrets, held hands with sweaty strangers (swing dancing), stuttered (kinda a new one) and swapped WIP stories with emerging and published writers. There’s a lot of pressure to be in the know. To have read […]

A very short break (+ fun links)

Lovely readers, I am taking a very short blog break (about a week) as I am off to Sydney for my Confimation of Candidature and to present a paper (on this, of all things) to the Writing and Society Research Group at UWS. A few bits and bobs to keep you occupied: Follow Steve Martin […]

The LiteraryMinded Couch, Episode One: Uhh, Fail Vlog

I’ve been meaning to add video content to LiteraryMinded for yonks! I’ve interviewed authors on stage, I’ve read my own work aloud, I can write about books – but speaking alone into a camera is an entirely different kettle of fish…

Moon dust will cover you: the story of David Bowie and me

After James Bradley’s ‘Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)’. David Bowie was really the first artist I found on my own as a young adult. Bowie came to me in a humorous, intertextual way, through watching Zoolander at the age of about 16 at Birch, Carroll & Coyle Cinemas, Coffs Harbour. I worked there so movies […]